Dr. Hessam Rahimi

Board Certified Orthodontist

Dr. Hessam Rahimi is a Diplomate of The American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) who received his orthodontic training at Harvard University for four years in addition to receiving a Doctorate degree in Oral Biology in 2011. He started his dental education in 1997 at Mashhad School of Dentistry and has been in the dental field since then. In 2007, he limited his practice to Orthodontics and started training for it at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. After graduating in 2011 as a certified orthodontist, he moved to Dallas with his family and since then, he has treated thousands of patients, giving them the beautiful smile they deserve. Dr. Rahimi is also a proud alumnus of The University of Texas at Dallas where he received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in 2016.

Dr. Rahimi is one of the first certified Brava by Brius providers and he is the number one Brava by Brius provider around the globe with the highest number of treated cases with this new exciting technology. He is also certified to provide clear aligner appliances such as Invisalign® to treat patients that don’t like the appearance and discomfort of regular conventional braces.

Dr. Rahimi performs orthodontic treatment for all ages, children, and adults, including special needs children with conditions such as developmental anomalies, cleft lip, and palate, autism, and a multitude of genetic disorders. Dr. Rahimi also treats patients that require jaw surgery (aka. Orthognathic Surgery) in collaboration with oral surgeons in the Greater Dallas area.

Dr. Rahimi has established a digital lab at his offices through which it is possible to design and 3D print a wide range of orthodontic appliances including a customized aligner system, retainers, night guards, mouth guards, all with highest quality, precision and a rapid turnaround time as little as 1 hour.

Dr. Rahimi has created a dental research center as well as a learning center at Fusion through which he participates in clinical research and education of the orthodontic community. He has published books on subjects of root canal therapy, infection control in dental practices, and a guidebook for hygienists, as well as a dozen articles in peer-reviewed dental journals, an effort that is continuing until today. Dr. Rahimi holds several patents related to Orthodontic products with United States Patent and Trademark Office and lectures to the Orthodontic Community nationally and internationally on a regular basis.

Dr. Rahimi and his wife Dr. Niloo have two children, AvA and Arman. Dr. Rahimi’s hobbies include going to the gym and playing some basketball and Tennis when he finds the extra time. The rest of his time is well spent online on activities such as blogging and participating in online orthodontic forums as much as possible in addition to the time spent on social media, friends, and movies!

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