How about getting your teeth straight in half the time than traditional braces?

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Brava Box Package Treatment
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your smile's new best friend! No more braces or aligners hassle. Brava™ works its magic behind your teeth, making it quick, clean, and comfy. Get ready for a winning smile in no time! Try Brava™ today and embrace the friendly side of teeth alignment!

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So Many Benefits, So Little Compromise

Pre-programmed biomechanics change the game.

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Experience a smile transformation like never before with Brava! Forget the hassle of constant check-ups and lost trays—our approach is all about great results, faster, and with a touch of fun. Embrace a new era in orthodontics with Brava at Fusion Orthodontics!

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How long are treatment times with Brava™?

In a study with 20 orthodontists (average experience: 11 years), predictions for 10 patient cases using traditional methods were compared to actual Brava™ treatment times. Results showed up to an 87% reduction (Case 10) and an average decrease of 70%, highlighting significantly shorter treatment durations with Brava™ versus traditional options.

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How is each tooth moved?

Dive into the precision of Brava™—where every tooth's movement is meticulously analyzed through Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Carefully chosen arms then apply optimal forces to guide each tooth to its perfect position. The best part? No wires. Unlike traditional braces, Brava™ ensures a hassle-free journey, making flossing and oral hygiene a breeze. Welcome to a new era of orthodontic brilliance!

Do I have to check up with my orthodontist regularly?

The great thing about Brava™ is that you don’t have to go to your orthodontist for adjustments regularly. In most cases, the only time you have to visit your orthodontist is to get the appliance off. With the rare exception of a broken bracket or wire. Moderate to mild cases will only need one appliance whereas more complex cases may need two appliances to finish the treatment.

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Will I feel any pain once the braces are on?

Although Brava™ uses the smallest bracket in the market today, you may feel some discomfort in the first two weeks as your mouth gets accustomed to the new system.

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